Welcome to the Swedish Bartenders Guild (SBG). We are a social club for premium bartenders who works in Sweden.

SBG is the only nationwide network of bartenders in Sweden, founded in 1949. If you want to stay in touch with the bartender society and receive relevant information about the swedish bartending community, SBG is your choice!

As a member of SBG you will receive the following benefits and have the oppotunity to:

  • Meet friends and colleges in different forums
  • Exchange news and ideas that can be a benefit for you in your work
  • Promote your interest of the business, through encourage higher standard in goods and services
  • Keep and get new contacts between the International guilds
  • Compete in our National Cocktail Competition: Årets Bartender™ (Bartender of the year)
  • Invitations to many more competitions…
  • …and maybe, friends for Life!


In 1949, the 17th of August the Swedish Bartenders Guild (SBG) was founded. The purpose was to collect both those bartenders that was active in Sweden as well as the bartenders who worked on international ships. On the 24th of February 1951, SBG together with 6 other guilds (England, Italy, Denmark, France, Holland and Schwitzerland) founded International Bartenders Association (IBA) in Torquay, England.

For more information about us, please feel free to contact the President Mr Ch Ridderstråle